About Us

five-acres-downe-gateFive Acres is situated in the village of Downe, in the Kentish countryside, thirty minutes from central London and an hour from Brighton. Five Acres is a fledgling, inspirational community design project in action. Five Acres offers an abundance of potential; ‘the only limit is your imagination’, one of the principles of Permaculture, is potently visible within Five Acres’ management. One rather famous local resident of Downe, Charles Darwin, postulated that ‘a flexible, adaptive response to changes in ambient conditions is what keeps life evolving’, at Five Acres we continue the evolution, although we embrace Nature together with Nurture as our guiding belief!

At Five Acres we recognise that we all have a choice in how we live our lives; that we each have a responsibility to ourselves and to each other to create abundantly joyful, self-sustaining adventures. When we can embrace that life is a voyage of self-discovery we can recognise that each day offers us experiences to learn, to grow, to become more self-aware. Our choices of where and how we place our footprints make a difference. We all have many opportunities to help evolve the evolution in which we all take part! Our intention with Five Acres is to share the abundance that Five Acres offers; to enable all who visit the possibility to learn, to grow and to experience that creating sustainable lifestyles can be fun, creative and even life changing!