Mindfulness Meditation

prayer-flagsMindfulness Meditation helps us to live in the moment…

Mindfulness Meditation helps us to create the space to be where we are now.  Most of us go through life on automatic pilot and we miss out on so many beautiful, inspiring moments.

Mindfulness Meditation helps us become more aware, more present in all our moments, so we can choose to live fully in our lives.

Mindfulness Meditation empowers us to be present, whether we are tasting the food we eat; experiencing the many beautiful wonders this world offers; allowing ourselves to fully feel the love we share with others or dealing with the challenges life presents with kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

Being in each moment helps us live a life more aware, more connected, more heartful and it is all just a breathe away…

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – Jon Kabat Zinn

“Centre into your deep loving hearts, be present in your beautiful bodies, be inspired by your potent minds, be nourished by your senses and be here now…loving, present, confident, grateful…in awe with the whole of creation. Follow your dreams, be infused by your greatness and make magic in the world because we all deserve it…”

Mindfulness Meditation days and evenings are held regularly in the yurt with Nicci. These days fill up fast so please enquire for availability. Contact us here.

For more info about our Mindfulness Meditation classes, please visit: justthismoment.org.uk