Steve – Permaculture Teacher

Our Introduction to Permaculture Course will be held the 3rd-4th of May, 2014. More info.

Permaculture is a system of conscious design used to create sustainable, healthy abundance in all aspects of our lives. This abundance can then filter through our relationships, our homes, our work, our food, and our communities.

At present Five Acres is a Land Learner with the Permaculture Association of Great Britain – We intend to become a fully-fledged Land Learning Centre in time.

Here are some of the feedback comments received from past Permaculture Courses held at Five Acres:

Before the course Nicci told me it would be a life changing experience, I was dubious – but after the first day I suspected she was right. The greatest wisdom is that which comes as no surprise. Permaculture is such wisdom and Steve shared it beautifully and left everyone in no doubt that the future is bright the future is permaculture. – Fletch

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what were probably the most profound 10 days of my life. – Carol

Thank you for the opportunity to grow. – Erd

The outputs will bear fruit, veg and surplus, which we will give away. – Bill

Ten days of ‘intents’ learning, team-work, meeting some colourful personalities and walking away with ‘shed-loads’ of new ideas. – Andy