Vegetable Production

permacultureOver the years Five Acres has been abundant in various vegetables and herbs. We have had seasons where certain crops have far outgrown all others; monocultures of butternut squashes, tomatoes and the ever continuous presence of the many varieties of rocket available have competed with the comfrey for who is able to be the most prolific at Five Acres! There have been many learning’s gained…even during those seasons where the slugs and snails have indulged in various free for all parties!

A pond was put in to encourage much needed help; the frogs! The frogs have been amazing companion farmers for us, and we are lucky that their preferred diet of slugs and snails is abundantly available at Five Acres! Many generations of frogs now live in and around the now newly revamped pond and polytunnel, making it far easier for veggie production to increase.

vegetable-production-1For a number of years, a local business, Herbedacious, grew native and naturalised herbs for community and independent herb designs as well as for sale at farmers markets. There are some rather special mother plants dotted around the site from Herbedacious days.

One of the intentions of Five Acres is to enable and encourage either an organic community supported agriculture scheme or an independent box scheme from Five Acres. We have several local community cafes who are very interested in purchasing any salad and vegetables that can been grown, along with some keen locals who would relish a weekly delivery of fresh organic vegetables. This is an amazing opportunity for someone to set up and run a potentially very successful business.

Please contact us for further information.